Selected Comments From Colleagues

"It has been my pleasure to share a colleagial relationship with Dr. Norma Doft over the past two decades. She is a master clinician in working with children and their parents on strategies to improve family communication and to reduce loss of emotional control. Her small group parenting courses should be a must for all parents, including those who have no major concerns about their children's behavior. It is never easy to find the right balance between nurturance, tolerance, and settling limits through consequences. Dr. Doft guides parents through the process of when and how to intervene, drawing upon her clarity of thought and the wisdom of her years of clinical experience.

Dr. Doft is also highly effective in working with children who have difficulty forging and sustaining friendships and/or expressing feelings in an age-appropriate manner. She works with children and early adolescents in both dyadic pairings and small groups. The presence of a peer(s) in a therapy session facilitates working on frustration tolerance and social skills. Given that Dr. Doft's small  group work has been so valued by families in my practice, I asked her to teach dyadic psychotherapy to one of my junior colleagues with developing expertise in early childhood psychiatry. Dr. Doft not only agreed to help out, but proved a terrific mentor. Last but not least, Dr. Doft is a team clinician. She collaborates effectively with educational and mental health professionals involved with the families in her practice.

I hold Dr. Doft in high esteem and look forward to working with her for years to come."     

— ​P. Anne McBride, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Weill-Cornell Medical College

"Norma Doft is the first professional I think of when making a referral for a child who needs social skills support.  Over the years, she has proven to be a critical component of the social and emotional development of many of the children who have attended the Stephen Gaynor School.   Dr. Doft has the unique ability to teach children one on one or in small groups the skills they need to build friendships and become successful members of a classroom community.   As part of her work, Dr. Doft takes the time to get to know the child and family.  

She often observes the child in the school setting in order to tailor her interventions to the needs of the child.  As a result, we have seen the benefits of her work in the child’s social and emotional growth within the school environment. Parents have benefited from her parenting classes which provide practical strategies for raising children.  We have also had the pleasure of having Dr. Doft speak at our parent lecture series and work with our faculty on behavior management programs for the classroom.  

Dr. Doft’s personal approach and expertise in the field of social skills development make her a highly qualified professional to support our parents and teachers."

— Dr. Scott Gaynor, Head of School, Stephen Gaynor School